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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have several goals as a filmmaker. I want to be a writer director, but I'll do anything to get my foot in the door. For my generation of filmmakers I want to be the person that someone thinks of when they think of the person that made that really cool horror movie, or I want to be the person that people think of when they think of a quality tv show (like how I think of Vince Gilligan, Joss Whedon and Kurt Sutter). I want to be the person that makes the stories that gets peoples hearts pumping faster, gives them dread and fear, and keeps them on the edge of their seat with my entertainment.

In this class I want to learn more about shot composition, how to enhance the story with my images. Being a writer I tend to squeeze all of the story onto the page, and only see certain things in my head that I want reflected on the screen to help out the story. I want to be able to learn to channel that vision more and know when I'm writing a scene how I can help tell this story with my camera instead of just my words.

I also want to learn about the different lights, lighting techniques etc because the last class I took on making videos/film didn't really address this like I thought it should have. We were given a basic understanding but not full knowledge. I want to be able to increase my knowledge of these things and know off the top of my head what I will need on a set.