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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Visual Style

I find that a lot of the things that inspire me nowadays are more still images, more specifically drawings for that matter. I see a lot of images online that I save because they inspire me about a story, or a plotline I could create, or a character I could write. I do find inspiration from movies and moving images but more on those as we come to them.

I like this picture for several reasons. I like the idea of imagination in a child and how imagination can take you  wherever you want to go and on whatever adventure you want to go on. I also like the idea of children's idea of being prepared for a situation. Kids are fascinating to me (mostly because I have one) but if you really pay attention to kids they can teach you a lot.

 I like this picture because of the way the light works. We get light from the moon to illuminate the outlines of the edge of the picture and we get light from the fire to give us these deep shadows. It is also very creepy and strange, which I like a lot.

 Any Left4dead fans? I like this picture because of the reflection off of the gun. Its a very well lit picture in my opinion, and it tells you everything you need to know about Francis just in 1 image. 

 You might not be aware of it, but there is this artistic movement on the internet known as Alternative art, or ALT ART for short. The idea is to take something from your childhood, a cartoon, a movie, and make it more modern, dark, realistic, gritty....adult if you will. I like this image because it takes a story everyone knows and turns it into something darker. It shows the idea of interpretation and how things can be changed.

This image inspires me, not because of what it is literally, but because of what it represents. This is the Keywork, the symbol for the Prog rock band Coheed & Cambria. Their music inspires me more than any other.
I like this picture because I love 2 ideas that it exemplifies. #1 That even monsters have monsters and #2 that for every monster you're afraid of there is one even bigger monster.

I like this because of the caption, and because of how this picture exemplifies the title of the film. Also the movie in general is a big inspiration (as you could have guessed).

One more thing I really like is great/unhappy endings in movies.
WARNING: Spoilers below for the film The Devil's Rejects

I also really like scenes that make us feel sympathy for villains.

On the turn of that I like it when weak characters are empowered and become villains.