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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scene Analysis

Film Title: Sin City
Director: Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller
Cinematography: Robert Rodriguez
Synopsis of scene: It is Hartigan's (Bruce Willis) last day as a police officer because of his heart condition. He is using this last day to bring down a notorious serial rapist that no one will bother arresting because of his family ties.

1-3: The shot begins as a medium long shot and dollies forward to about above the hood of the car then zooms in the rest of the way. The entirety of this shot Hartigan has an internal narration going, so the pushing forward gives us a visual focus on the narration.

4: Big close up on his Police Badge as he reflects on his work. This is a great shot because it shows us what and how the character is looking at without doing a POV.

5: Close up on his lapel as he puts his badge on. Even without the sound going we would now know he is a cop and that he is proud of it (because he wears the badge on display).

6-7: His narration continues and the camera very slowly and subtly zooms in as he reflects on his wife and the last case that he has to finish.

8-10: The camera is on the back of the car as we're introduced to his partner Bob, he looks into the moving camera as if we were Hartigan.

11/12: Medium long shot of Hartigan getting out of the car, the camera follows him as he walks past bob

13-15: Long Shot, Bob pleads with Hartigan about what he is doing. The shadows on Hartigans face seem to reflect his inability to let go.

16: Medium Close up: Hartigan turns to bob

17/8: Medium long shot hartigan talks to bob, the shadows on his body are lit up as he speaks (coincidence?)

19: Medium close up

20-25: Medium close up of Hartigan at first, as Bob continues to “Try and talk sense into him” and Hartigan's anger grows the camera moves closer and closer to him.

26: Medium Long shot, Hartigan hits bob.

27: Medium close-up. This is the most Human that Hartigan has looked the entire time, his scar is out of frame and we have a nice tight close up on him.

29-31: A nice close up of Hartigan as Bob lays down in the background. The shadows return to Hartigan's face his “game face” for what is about to happen.

32-33: A long shot of Hartigan walking down a hallway. Going from the dark to the light, a transition he is hoping to emulate with Nancy Calahan when he finds her.

34: Close up on Hartigan as his heart condition begins to act up.

35/6: A different close up on Hartigan, the shadows have intensified on him as his condition begins to get stronger. The camera zooms in closer on him as he fights it. (Focus of the literal internal structure)

37/8: Long shot of the two thugs and the car, Hartigan enters the frame silently.

39: Medium Close up Hartigan waits in the shadows. A good visual representation of his character, on the edge of the shadows but with his face to the light.

40: Medium Long shot of the thugs talking about the car.

41-2: A wider Medium long shot, the shadow signifies Hartigan as both a character in this scene and a forecful presence in the story itself.

41-2: A wider Medium long shot, the shadow signifies Hartigan as both a character in this scene and a forecful presence in the story itself.

43-5: Medium Close ups of Hartigan hitting the thugs.

46-8: Close up as Hartigan clutches his chest, the camera tilts upward to reveal his face.

49: Medium Shot, hartigan stumbles

50: Close up of hartigan in pain. The grey on his face is a shade we haven't seen on the characters thus far. It is a good representation of how to show a feeling (pain) without color but with different shades of black.

51: BCU Hartigan opens his pill bottle

52: Medium shot Hartigan takes the pills

53: Big Close up of Hartigan swallowing

54: Medium shot, The darkness has engulfed him. This was a good way to show the impending death coming upon him from his heart condition.

55: Close up- Hartigan falls down

56-60: Low Medium shot on Hartigan that dollies forward slowly and tilts up as he stands, showing his power and the light slowly coming down on him giving him a godly look

61-2: A close up of Hartigan's gun moves up to Hartigan's face. The shadows on his face that I mentioned early as his “game face” are back.