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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I learned. Vol. 2

Cinematographer's style was an interesting film. It provided a rare insight into the mind of cinematographers, a world I'm only vaguely familiar with. To hear these professionals talk about that craft was a different experience. It's one thing to hear actors, writers and directors talk about their craft, but when you listen to the people responsible for the way a movie actually looks talk you really listen.

How they all take so much into account to visually tell the story was astounding, this is a piece of film making that a lot of people forget about in the process. God knows how.

What have I learned? Something that I considered easier to answer after the initial viewing, but now I feel I have a better idea.

The idea of striking one light at a time, and thinking of it as a paint brush stroke is something I'll need to keep in mind when lighting. Lighting isn't my specialty, or my cup of tea, perhaps this style of thinking will have me looking at it all differently, and help.

I also like the idea that one of them said that Cinematographers don't play with lights, they play with shadows. This is great advice to think about. Don't light a scene to expose everything, light it to expose the important things.